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Welcome home! Here at WTMX you can make new friends and meet people with the same interests as you. All free and ad-free.
Update: April 2016 ownership of the site has now passed to Marcos and our domain has changed to (not .org anymore).

We are WorldTruth.MX a social network.

We have been established for just over four years, we are a Free website.

We don't data mine or in any way treat our Members like products.

We support ourselves through what we call 'gold' memberships, while our website is always free, members who wish to support us can do so through a gold membership which is a small monthly contribution which helps cover our running costs.

We have a focus on political activism and free speech and have a diverse, friendly community of members from all over the world!

My name is Coz and I'm the tech guy at WT (WorldTruth) I handle all the code, the server and day to day operations etc. If you have an issue I'm the one who'll fix it.

Our other staff members are Dj Doom and Tao. Our owner is Marcos!