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*Until Her Amorous Body Corrupts* has 37 base CGs and 340 in total. Between changing outfits and facial expressions, most of the 340 images have very slight differences between them.
There are three men and four locations in this game. The men are your landlord, the grocery store employee, and the old man in the shopping district. The locations are an apartment, a mahjong parlor, a hot spring, and a love hotel.
All the guys are fat, ugly, old men. They’re all corrupt dark-hearted bastards who want to use your girlfriend. Despite your girl looking like a super-model, she somehow immediately falls to their advances.
Sex positions range from standing sex to doggystyle. The storytelling and dialog have some quality issues, and they get repetitive.
The best scene in the game is when you receive a cell phone message with video of your wife taking a creampie from another man’s dick! It’s sexy, you’re helpless to stop it, you’re humiliated and turned on