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NatSoc people calling them self fascist and fascist calling them selves NatSoc will have to be sorted out at some point.
NS and fascism are similar but very different.

There is nothing wrong with either, each has their place in the right cultures.
Fascism is purely the greater good but without nationalism it can become globalism. Fascism also does not give any regard to individual liberty.
Fascism can only safely exist under Nationalism.

NS is individual liberty with duty to the greater good of nation and folk.

Extreme liberty is anarchism which serves nothing but ones self with no regard for others when dangers loom. This is an open door for thuggery and communism where any form of tyranny can take over.

Fascism is the extreme opposite of anarchy but both idealize the notion of the good of the people.

NS recognizes each races difference for example the Scandinavian farmers must be left to their own means in order to be most productive, as natural born anarchists. The true German maybe a shop worker who loves to create precision tools for everyday life where the shop is orderly and neat. The Italian who might run wild left to own means and produce nothing but chaos but has great skills must be controlled by strict regiment, a natural fascist.

Those who should be leading our NS movement are not and those who are, are incompetent to the task.
Therefore it is important that every individual act accordingly to their individual nature but set in your hearts the leadership you need and to stand as a single unit for you nations and folk.

To be organized as if you had a competent commander but without.
This is no easy task so what becomes most important here is to understand what I have explained above.

If you do not get it, read it again until you do!
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