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On Janaury 14th, 2017, the end for the world began for those believing in religion. A prophetic prediction made over 3,000 years ago is about to happen...tomorrow?
“They have said: ‘Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Yisrael may be no more in remembrance.’ For they have consulted together with one consent; against Thee, do they make a covenant.” Psalms 83:5-6
The religious significance is wild.
On that date believe it or not Trump became a jew supposedly on some reality.
3.5 years later wild.. Good luck worlds..
Change is something that many people do not handle well. I have to say that the following story is as truthful as I can tell my experience on change. I hope you read it and realize the potential of change is everywhere. You can change in a moment.
On May 18th, 2016, I spent 45 years, one month, and 23 days on only one planet. I had never thought to be a parallel earth jumper. On May 19th, my mind was swapped with an aligned world so close to mine that if I had not been blind in one eye, I would not have thought much of the change. The people were there, the things I used were there. The world was just newer, more colorful and sometimes quite different.
That first morning was difficult. I realized that the woman I called my wife was not the woman I remembered. She did things differently enough that I knew I was not with the one I married. The deja vu happened on the third day jump.
You see on May 18th on my world I watched as Bayer to Acquire Monsanto for 44 billion dollars on CNN. On Saturday May 21, I watched again this time the price was 66 billion dollars, and the announcement was just like that on Wednesday on my home world except the price was different. I went a bit nuts at that time. I am sure if there was a squirrel near by, I would have been collected and stored with the rest of the nuts. That begin my discovery of the different worlds that I would see for the next eighty some days. And the change and challenges facing a parallel earth jumper.
First off, I told my wife. She then took me to a shrink and several doctors. I checked out with the doctors being not in good health. The shrink, however, was unusual he too remembered a different world. He claimed I was suffering from a past life. Myself I know a finished life versus hey, I aint from here babe. So I just listen to him and take the mental drugs.
Anyway the deja vu list that I created for myself to remember my world versus the world around me. This is my list of my world beyond this world currently.
Abe Lincoln on my world was a senator. Comparable to Hillary Clinton recollection on CNN. Because he was a senator, he saved roughly half a million more American people meaning 545443 people died due to the civil war on my timeline. In this place, the estimate is a million died. What does that mean? I knew on my world due to the election, there were 365 million United States citizens potential ready to be voted for November 8th. At this time, there are only 322 million United States citizens. The District of Washginton DC does not have an electoral vote on my world over here they have three votes. My world Puerto Rico just became a state voting 52 percent for statehood while adjacent, it is not still a state.
Meaning world population has changed. For instance, I remember in 2014 when the news reports officially christened a baby girl in India as the 8th billion person on my planet. In this place this world deja vu is still only at 7.5 billion. Meaning I was missing like 1.2 billion people. After going through wars, and history, I came to the conclusion that the parallel worlds are similar but different in history nor related populations.
Meaning China in my world at no time had Outer Mongolia, was at 1.8 billion people thus I found that China murdered or never had 500 million more people. The next discovery was that parts of Pakistan were also part of China and instead of 758 millin Pakistan, there is close to only 278 million. The world shifting seems to be dealing with other ideas that were not known on my planet as well.
Deja vu also happened in the similarities around the world and the geographical differences. New Zealand was one island on my world above Austrilia versus here it is two islands south of Austrilia. The significance is that shifting parallel earths are different enough but close enough to each other to cause mind swaps is the best way I could explain it.
The list of changes that I have noted are a few. Italy being farther towards the continent instead of directly north south. Japan which was off the coast of China is now off the coast of Korea. Other wild items brand changing and history changing. Sugar Smacks I enjoyed last year 2015. Here on this world, they changed them to Honey Smacks in 1983. Movie changes on releases also are a bit of a dilemma along with the word dilemna which I recall spelling differently.
Movie wise I was in May preparing to watch Resident Evil six on June 6th in Bolivia. Here Resident Evil six is coming out next week January 19th here in Bolivia. The deja vu also worked while I was traveling to different worlds. Meaning I saw that the US elections were supposed to happen on November 14th, and November 9th. I have heard where President Elect Trump thought to remind people to vote on November 28th making him a potential mind swap person along with George Bush, Obama, and Hillary Clinton.
Once I realized what was happening, I started to review the uniqueness and bloopers to see the world differently.
George Bush telling the world Sadam killed Mandela makes him highly unlikely to be from this world. Obama stating that he visited 57 out of 58 states makes him most like not from this world. Hillary Clinton recollection that Abe Lincoln was a senator makes her from my timeline but different.
What makes me assured that I have not come from this world one asks? Easy things that I pay attention to like Sketchers versus Skechers. Sketcher on my world was sued for 20 million dollars due to false adverting on stretching claims on television. Jiffy peanut butter, not Jif peanut butter or Volvo with a male symbol as a symbol on the logo which was not in my timeline.
The differences are so many that I am wildly excited to continue. For another, when did your sun turn white? My planet's sun was yellow on May 18th, 2016. Here your sun turned white May 2003 when a different space fence was turned on enveloping your earth and the sun to hide it.
My world is not nearby, and my mind swapped for a reason. I speculate on why and how. The sadness is who I could have been. Anyway, I am here now deva ju yet another planet earth. Bob Crane died of a gun shot in 1977 on my world. I have seen him die in his sleep, beaten to death, suicide with pills, and dying in 77, 78, and 79. Deja vu is nothing more than being transported from a unusual plane of reality or distinctive world to a new one. That is what I see now.
I have lived by a few simple rules in my life. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This has meant helping others. Clean up, file garbage bags, clean lawns, mow, etc I kept up trying to help where I could for a long time until I realized when I asked for help I never received any. Meaning I believed the people thought of me as a janitor not a friend. This kind of turned my stomach against helping anyone. You think you spent seven years helping others only to discover the unique reason you are invited is you are considered the janitor kind of turns your thoughts elsewhere.
The next rule of thumb was to always take the subsequent new opportunity. Example work, always ask to help more do more and accomplish more. I did this in all my work. I tended to be pushed to take on the work load of two or more people, and I thrived doing the work. However, that was turned sour also when on reviewing they noted me down. I looked and asked a question which was simple did everything get turned in? Did everything make sense? What was I being marked down for? The answer was you tended to be in a hurry. I realized then that I was being used again, and no my supervisor was evil.
The rules of taking the next opportunity I grasped and moved on getting a better position and 20 percent raise. I did a great job there only to be noted again down. I realized that my concern for other people was taken as a non-business asset. Instead of offering to do more I should just do my work and leave everything else.
Chance opportunities I also took to mean a chance to learn something new. I did the extra credit and did the extra schooling to better myself and to provide a better life for myself and family. In this I found that my grades were good, and since I did the work like I did my work for friendships, and work I got the good grades and did not receive a bad intention. This was all great and wonderful until I found out what the people receiving the scholarships and higher grades considered acceptable. I had been placed in a team and was doing my work when all of a sudden I was told do not worry about the next part of the project. I was handed the report and asked where did he get it from. His girlfriend had done the work in a prior class and got a A plus from the program. I was kind of disappointed and not sure what to do. I went and did the whole project and turned in my project separately for an A. While the others did their project the way talked about for an A plus. I am not sure which is more disturbing that I fail to comprehend this lack of caring to understand of if cheating was a part of life that I never understood.
I always try to be kind. This rule has not back fired yet. Meaning I always try to see the good in things and try to help with empathy.
In trusting my gut, I went to church and did Christian camp work for summers. Here I discovered that I should have moved on or found different friends right away. I worked my heart out and did what I could to help. I trusted people which were not trust worthy. When I found out that a couple were having sex and mentioned it to a person, and she said she knew and so what? I asked her if she had sex with me if I was handsome or wealth like the couple guy. She was upset with the question. I apologised but instead of the couple that was breaking the rules getting disciplined, I was asked to leave for my question. I concur with them for asking me to leave. However, I always wonder is it? Me or them?

Secret Life
Secret Life of Clinton R. Siegle's
eternity is staring me in the face.
Coming from distance places I see the Creators face.
Reality is something to realize that there is more than one of me.
Eternity is speaking to the human race.
Time to change reality.
Life is coming to an end
indeed. January 15th will start an end.
Forever, will be remembered as an end
eternity is coming to an end.

Boundaries are what make imagination grow. The belief that there is nothing other then this world makes a person's reflection on imagining a greater universe experience something a brand new each time a fresh book shows up.
The pages show what could be or would be if there were other worlds out there. Similar to our own, however, different the tale be told.
Mentally, this tale takes place in La Paz, Bolivia. May 18th, 2016 I spent 45 years, one month, and 23 days on that exact same planet earth. It was on the outside of the galaxy. The spiral right arm per a famous author "Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue-green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.” Douglas Adams I think came from my world. Not that it matters anymore. However, if you view NASA nowadays you realize earth is now inside the galaxy not outside nor anywhere near the western spiral arm.
Physically, having one's mind swapped for a parallel world is something. From May 19th through August, I traveled to another earth on a daily basis. I saw history re written; I saw people live and die that I knew nothing about. Historically, on my earth Abe Lincoln was a senator similar to Hillary Clinton recollection. I saw Bob Crane die in 77, 78, and 79. I have seen geographically New Zealand as one island, then two islands, above and below Austrilia. The changes are something to see.
Literally I have been kidnapped for one of the greatest adventures in mankind. I realize few people will understand. My Bolivian Doppelganger wife has taken me to a shrink who remember the world differently too but insist on past lives has literally changed my way of thinking about what is fiction and what is non-fiction.
Figuratively I am not speaking that this world is worse than mine. There are many things in this world that I find wild. The world population on my world was 8.5 billion the 8th billionth person was considered a baby girl in India in 2014. Here I wonder where did 1.2 billion people went during the same timeframe. Example the United States was missing 43 million people. Figuratively I had to know. I searched and searched until I realized Abe Lincoln on my world saved half a million people. While here they murdered 1.2 million people in my world the civil war cost 545,343 people. That half a million-plus people turned the United States into a bigger population.
To summaries, I am still searching. The worlds are conversely changing. Like the sun for 45 years was yellow on my world. Here your space fence is up in 2003 causing the sun to change to white. That colourless color melted your ice cap because white snow and natural light evidently do not reflect the heat. Somewhere as I remember an ice cap as late as May 2016. The world is mine to travel for a time. The end is near, remember God. In summary, my life rules are simple. Do good. Be kind. Trust my gut. Do not trust others.