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Deep within the bowels of the world there is a machine that keeps track of everything on the surface and below the crust of earth and sends that information through the tower to what people call earth's heaven or another version of a perfect planet. There the whole ideology is rebuilt so that the gamers could decide who wins what bet and what is worth what to whom or what. The whole reality was a giant game of evils versus good. With the good being processed for a future galaxy which was twisted from two galaxies colliding in the near hundred thousand years earth time. But to those in heaven a year is one twist of the galaxy or a thousand years. Thus figured out when the creator said to Adam on the day you eat the fig you will die. His way of making that statement true was to tell the angels he did not say one of Adam's days or one of the creators day's. Making Adam 930 earth years old from biting into the fig to departure. He will be the first human spirit most spirits will meet outside the machine. Spirits being measured, judged, and weighted upon death to be replanted into the garden as something new upon the creators desire and design. Thus reads an oral tradition of the Jewish bible abbreviated of course without the machine and galaxy narrative. The beam of energy traveling several times a speed of light comes and goes to a relay system setup for what purpose. Who knows- it is much like the Ways discussed in Kalabal or Robert Jordan's books a magical path or system that works. Technically speaking for existing is magical. The voice if given the right notes could reproduce that which is or was to an energy source. Anyway the stair case is easiest way to describe the journey for a single thought or idea moves with the voice. A noise must be made for the system to work. I know not why or how or whom made the original system. The sadness is the creators might no even remember why it was made thus or for a purpose. The creators being millions of earth's years old are still relatively speaking new to the universe if one is to agree that the universe is 13.4 billion years old. Whereas the galaxy we live in earth which we are part of is only maybe hundreds of millions of years old. Making a question come to mind. Is there more than one creator for galaxies? Or is the creator the same creator for all galaxies.. A very disturbing thought if there was to be a war.. What or if one might think happens when you are a pot made by one potter whose galaxy runs into another galaxy with a bigger potter? What is forever, and life after death - what deal or deals could one make.