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Today I awoke got outside to a fire. Then a little way a way a second fire. Not much there.
I ended up waiting an hour for my kids class. Fun kid. Not so moody as yesterday.
We went to the bus stop.
First notice
The building that is built up and a store in my reality is now being rebuilt.
There has not been a story there since May 2016.
The tree that moves daily is going west now not east in its nightly walks.
Upon reaching home I am told to make lunch.
So off I go to a pizza place. Two for 1.. hardly something that happens in my reality in Bolivia in yet here so be it.
I reach there and I hear bag pipes playing. That is right in bolivia. A five piece bag pipes was playing a military march one moment all guys. I focus a bit to see that they are wearing kilts.
I am in a different reality.. Three of the guys turn to girls. And the bag pipes now are those steel plates xylophones and the military march which was low land Scottish turns to the music of the ants go marching in.
I would say I was not on drugs to my knowledge in yet here I am..