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Albert Moses in A Spy who loved me
Bright actor
Character with a smile
Dreams of stage walking strutting upon the stage of life
Eye of a Spy
Friendly Albert Moses
Great friend from across the ocean blue
honest Albert Moses

Viktor Orbán the Prime Minister of Hungary
Indeed a politician
kind to his people hopefully
time will tell in eternity
open a hopeful smile of kindness
reality is hopeful in Hungary

Tess Broussard actress, comedian, fitness model
Eternity longing for a heart of the fairy tale
smiling beauty with swimsuit model
sensing emotional distress of violence in a tale

Broussard a last name of a lady
reality is but a moment in time for a lady
open to a point of public viewing of a lady.
Uniquely showing on red carpets with other ladies
smiling with pain in her eyes of a lady
smiling with hope in her eye as a mother and a lady
actress listening working hoping for a dream of a lady
reality for an actress is to strut on the stage of life as a lady
dear lady thank you for your photo, pray you find reality as a lady.

Patryk Pachura race car driver
quiet driver
race car driver
steering into the curve
timed race car driver
unique Polish driver

Alfons Schuhbeck top chef
Bavaria, Germany is one of Germany's leading chefs
chef with a wonderful cookbook
dreaming at the lake
eternity of pepper or garlic
fried or baked.

Actress Atalanta Harmsworth an English actress
Britain´s of Equity actress
Christmas animal Krackers Bongo actress

Drinker in many a television commercial actress

Artist Berwen
Berwen signed photo
cool picture of Berwen
dreams of an artist
eternity as an artist
finding an actor named Berwen

American hockey mascot
Bruin Boston Bear Blade
Censored poetry everywhere

Dream of the cup

Bruce Hayes team player in swimming
Champion in swimming team
Dreamed and won gold, bronze
Events swimming

Christine is a German politician
Doer in the Christian Democratic Union
Even was the first woman to become head of government in Thuringia
Foundation member of many activities
German lady with a Christian thought
Hope for change in Germany
Indeed Germany needs to change

A lovely smile of a president
Beautiful president ofPresident of Lithuania
Code name Iron Lady orDalia Grybauskaite leader of Lithuania
Dreams of a better Lithuania
eternity of a dreaming power for Lithuania

American Cliff Anderson
beauty surrounds Mr. Anderson
Cliff Anderson person of mystery
drinking water out of a stream
enjoying life´s greatest dream
friendly person drinking from a stream

actress with lovely eyes
beauty queen eyes
cute voice and eyes
Dawna Lee Heising is a horror queen
eternity lovely eyes

friendly lady with a wonderful dream

girl who enjoys horror movie screams

A lovely smile of a queen
Beautiful queen of the Virginia Miss Teens
Cute Desiree Williams queen of Virginia
Dreams of kindness world peace
eternity of a dreaming queen Desiree Williams

Actress with a lovely smile in Live Virgin

Breakfast of Champions Beautiful smile in Attraction

Carter last name of Gina Raye

Dreaming in The Dentist 2

Evil Bong dancer

friendly in The Sessions

Gina Raye Carter a attractive smiling actress

Gracyn Blackman Miss Virginia USA teen
honor of a beauty queen
indeed a lovely smile
Joyful eyes of a beauty queen
kind heart of a lady

Question who is that driver?

Racer Hans-Joachim Stuck, nicknamed "Strietzel", is a German racing driver

Stuck the last name of a driver in Formula One and many other categories.

Time, speed, racing of a race-car driver

Unique nicknamed "Strietzel"

American mixed martial artist Jason DeLucia
being the first fighter in UFC History
cutting it up with Aikido, Five Animal Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do
events underground in Boston
fighter Aikido, Five Animal Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do

Actor Screen Actors Guild.
Basketball coach and the current head coach of the TCU Horned Frogs
Coach Jamie Dixon University of Pittsburgh
Dixon starred in various commercials as a child and into his early twenties
Even including ads for Volvo, Rice Krispies, Mattel and Bud Light

Actress Jeanine Anderson portraying nurses, waitresses, housewives
Beautiful smile and kind eyes
Cute soda shop customer, juror and lovely eyes

Dream big, go for the sky

actress Jessica Tyler
born in Canada
cute smile of an actress
dancer Jessica Tyler
eventful singer Ms. Tyler
faithful singer
guitarist skilled along with a voice of a singer

Judge Judy Sheindlin of CBS1996-present (television personality)
Kind judge 1982-1996 (judge) with an attitude
Lawyer1965-1996 (attorney)with a personality
More people trust Judge Judy than all nine justices of the United States Supreme Court

Katja Rieckermann Katja Rieckermann truly is a "Horn Star."
Lovely, sexy saxophone player
Musician playing performing with Rod Stewart, Brooks and Dunn, Al Green, and many more
Night time player of song, for those that love to dance

Leigh Lombardi is an actress, known for Murphy's Law I enjoy her smile
Mike Hammer guest star as Nancy Madden with a lovely smile
Natural voice over where her smile comes over the microphone
"Ocean Ave." her starring role in an international soap

Jo Rizzo is an American singer,
Kind singer
Linda Rizzo is a composer,
Music producer,
natural with Italian roots, currently based in Germany.
Outstanding singer
Producer of music
Quiet a lovely lady
Rizzo a last name
time shows a lovely lady

A lovely lady writer
Buddha quote remembered or book written by Lisa See
China dolls book about largely forgotten world of Chinese American Dolls in the nightclubs and performers of the '30s and '40s.
elegant "Only three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."
friendly Lisa See is an American writer and novelist

Manuel Machata grew up in Ramsau near Berchtesgaden to become a member of a team
natured a desire to being a German former bobsledder competed from 2005 to 2015 teams
Olympic gold, silver, bronze placer in two, combined, and four-man bobsledder team
placing himself as a Chinese couch for their bobsled team.

Mary Jane Heath knowledge of film making including; feature films, Nice on documentaries, short films, internet series, commercials
operates cameras for infomercials.
Producer Mary Jane has shot with 35mm, SD video, HD video, Red camera
quiet Actress in several films
real beautiful eyes

Lawyer or an American politician, author, and attorney
Mike Lee senator from Utah
Nation needs more libertarians leaning politicians
open smile of a politician.

Reality I enjoy your music
Singer Neil Diamond a wonderful singer
Time for another song
Unique music across the time waves of time

Paul a senators last name from Kentucky
Question how was childhood son of former U.S. Representative Ron Paul of Texas
Rand Paul a American politician and physician servingKentucky
Senator from Kentucky

Actor Ricardo Hoyos
Born in Canada
Canada his homeland
Degrassi Actor
Eternity on the set of Degrassi
Friendly to others
Great attitude
Hoyos a last name of an actor.

Rhineland Palatinate bore a Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler with red hair
Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler is a German politician with lovely smile
Time she served as State Minister of Social Affairs, Labour Health
Unique German politician beautiful red hair

Sabine Urban is an actress with lovely eyes

Time is unique for this actress eyes

Uniqueness of an actress eyes

Very lovely eyes

Gal is a golfer
hoping for a hole in one
Indeed a wonderful lady golfer
Just watch the swing of a golfer
kind smile of a lady golfer
lady Sandra with a smile and a swing of a golfer

Reigning queen of 2013 for Miss Idaho
Sarah Downs from Emmett Idaho
Time will remember a queen of Miss Idaho
Universe awarded award Four Point Award
Violin "Orange Blossom Special" what a wonderful song

American 18 0
Basketball champions 2014
Coach Geno Auriemma (30th season)winning 38 1
Dream team of young women at UConn
eleven members four coaches of a women´s basketball team

quote I arrived in California with no job, no car, and no money, but, like millions of other girls, a dream.
Realities Fanasty Island her return role in Television world of dreams
sensual eyes, beautiful eyes of a dreamer
time will recall a lady a dreamer
Victoria Principal an American actress, entrepreneur, and author of dreams
wonderful lady Vicki Ree or Pamela Barnes remembering a dream.

A beauty Queen of Montana Victoria Valentine a lovely dream
beautiful Valentine dreams of 2014
cute Glendive, Montana lady with dreams
Dream on Miss Valentine dream on

A Woman´s poet
beautiful thoughts of a woman
Caterine M Wilson is a poet
dreaming of journeys of the heart
ever a hero´s tale
finding a warriors path.

girls love to read poems by Caterine M Wilson