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Alan Alda actor, director, writer, senator or doctor
living laughter within the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital doctor or actor
active in cause people to think about issues medical or political doctor
nice smile of an actor Doctor

Alda last name of a New York actor
living within laughter from the stage of being an actor
dear life of an actor
animated with ideological questions posed to the audience as a doctor actor.

Alan Rankin an author
living the writer dream
American dreamer
Natural writer of murder mysteries

Rankin an authors last name
A mystery writer dreams
novelist of many a dream
kind to a blind man
indeed a gentleman writer
North American author

Alissa Czisny a wonderful skater
lived long within laughter of skating
indeed, a national champion skater
skating this way and that way
skating, dancing, smiling away
amazing skater of the day.

Czisny a last name of a famous skater
zigging and zagging skating away,
in fact, what a way she has to skate today
skater with a lovely smile
nice attractive smile
you will remember a beautiful skaters smile.

Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano thank you for being a beautiful actress
live life within love of laughter of the screen actress
You are a pretty actress
sensible to a photo with a wondrous smile
silly to the world as shown in a smile
Always acting upon the stage of life of an actress' smile

Milano a last name of a smiling actress.
Indeed, a beautiful actress
Live love life within laughter of a stage of life actress.
Always show your smile as an actress
need to keep on smiling beautiful actress.
Only you can see the world with your actress smiling eyes oh actress.

Amanda Ammann Miss Switzerland
mind for international relationships
a spokesperson for many brands
nice eyes of a beauty queen
dreaming Switzerland
Ammann her last name of a beauty queen

A lovely lady
beauty queen
curvy physical beauty
dreams of a queen
eternity as a beauty queen
freedom won as a queen
girl with lovely eyes
honorable queen
indeed a lovely lady
just dreamy beauty queen
kind to a blind poet
lovely eyes of a beauty queen
motion of a dancing queen
night dress of a beauty queen

Angela Oberer an actress
Native Utahan fourth of nine kids a whole lot of family
Girl with a beautiful smile on voice over actress with family
eternity will remember a stage performer lady
life is an art form television, film, and scripting about family smiling lady

Oberer is a last name for a scriptwriter working the stage
believing that love is an enactment of life voice over on a stage
Events on commercial and Internet media life is but a stage
reality is but a moment in time of drama for a performer on stage.
Even on television, film, Internet media life is but a stage
reality is what you make of life on a stage.

Ann Hathaway a wonderful actress
New Yorker actress
Academy Award, Golden Globe, an award winning actress

Hathaway an Emmy winner
Time will remember her smile
hearts glad to see her beautiful smile
An American actress
Waiting in time
Ann a wonderful smile
You are a wonderful lady

Audrey Landers an actress in the world performs
Unique in French, German, English-speaking stage
Dallas wonderful beautiful looking lady on acting stage
reality is but a moment to an actress on stage
eternity remembers television, movies, singing.
Your help to this poor poet is all I can say at this stage

Landers a last name of an acting singing family
actress to one of America's most beloved watched family's
next step within a wondrous family
dear lady enjoys your family
eternity of smiles, charm, and happiness may be in your family
reality is what you will be remembered for in your family
seasons come, and seasons go within a Dallas family.

Bernard Cornwell an author of books'
eternity as an author of books
reality is but a moment in time as an author of books.
Never wavering always writing just one more book
All the time of history to dream of a new story for a book
Reality is but a story being told much as a book
Dear world you are a story book.

Cornwell a knight of England
Opening his books to television
Reality is but a moment in television.
Neatly lettering life to a book for television
Well done for many of his accomplishment
Eternities a writer of a good read done right for television
livelihood life within love of laughter of an author for television
life is alive within laughter of love of writers' accomplishments

Bernice "Bee" Falk Haydu Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP)of WWII
eternity will remember a wonderful queen of the air
reality; she is a daredevil in the air
nice smile living legend of the Women's Airforce in the air
indeed a pilot of WWII
civil, sweet, gentle, smile so kind WWII
eternity remembers her as a WASP of WWII

Haydu a last name of a famous pilot
Air Force pilot
you would see an Air Force pilot
dreamer of flying in the air pilot
unique lady pilot

Birgit Von Bentzela wonderful reporter
Indeed, a television correspondent
reporting on interesting stories, charities, and Royal's
girl known as countess royalty
inspired to ride a horse
time is but a moment, in reality, for reporters or Royals

Von Bentzel-Sturmfeder-Horneck a royal in a different age

Bentzel a last name of a radio broadcaster
eternity as a famous broadcaster
nobility is lost in Germany due to World War one age
time is but a moment, in reality, for true royalty
zipping along life presenting everything as one age
eternity as a countess anchor
live life with love of laughter radio, television, countess anchor.

Blade Boston Bruins Hockey Bear Live life within the love of a bear All tie laughter for the hockey bear Dear bear thank you so much for the autograph of a Blade Boston Bruins Bear Eternity will remember you as hockey bear Boston a city within need of a dream Open Street's lovely homes just not the right dre am Skating within himself a hockey championship winn ing dream Time for reality of this city to have a winning h ockey dream On the ice winning each hockey game Never worried about the crowd losing their dream Bruins Hockey Bear Remember the bear Uniquely a hockey bear Indeed a kind bear Nice to see a team spirit as a bear Silly ole poet life should be like a bear

Bob or Robert William Barker is an American former television game show host.
open face smile
Barker enlisted in the United States Navy during World War II

Barker come on down
American Price is Right
Reality is about winning
kind person
eternity will remember Price is Right
reality is about chance

Brad Greenquist monster, actor, make-up worker
reality is but a moment for an actor worker
actor a hard worker
dear, hard-working actor.

Greenquist a last name of an actor
reality time to act
eternity with a dead pet
even turning green for an act
nice pleasant actor
questing in Star Trek
Uniquely working the space scene,
in fact, a life on the stage of life scene
scenes of this or that
time as an act

Brittany Guidry Miss Louisiana USA 2014
reality is a moment for a beauty queen
indeed a queen
time will remember her reign as a queen
time is but a moment upon the stage of a life of a beauty queen
all those beautiful ladies warring to reign as a queen
new queen
you are an attractive beauty queen.

Guidry a beauty of a lady
unique smile and eyes of a charming lady,
in fact, very dreamy eyes of a lady
dear lady
reality is but a moment in time for lady
you are beautiful lady.

Cady McClain a writer, and drama actress
A Soap Opera Digest interviewee about terrific life as an actress
Daytime drama actress on The Young and the Restle ss
You are forever young on the restless
McClain a last name of an actress.
Coolly falling in love with a handsome playboy.
Coldly forgetting other boys
live life within a moment of time on the Young an d the Restless
a marvelous actress. Indeed a Soap Opera Actress
Nice and kind to a poor poet boy this splendid ac tress.

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Poems by Clinton Siegle : 194 / 490

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Autograph Muse Acrostic Name The Common Linnets - Poem by Clinton Siegle

Common Linnets Dutch band that was formed in 2013
originally consisted of friends Ilse DeLange and Waylon
music Country,
more musicbluegrass, pop
on Common Linnets was named by Dutch designer Rens Dekker
nicest song was "Calm After the Storm"

Elvi a living artist
loving to dress as a zombie
vivid colors a great friend a long time ago
Indeed from Australia

Miller Gaffney an Art Advisor
Indeed, a pretty smile and beautiful eye's advisor
live time for love of laughter of the fine art advisor
life is too vital in love with laughter of art
eternity spent close to the fine art
reality is but a moment for those that enjoy art

Gaffney is a last name of an art advisor
Artist expert on fine art
Fine art advisor
fun with art expert advisor
New York art expert on art
eternity is spending time with fine art.
You enjoy fine art as an art expert advisor.

James a cartoonist
Anita his alter ego wife in After Dark
Memories of a time long ago almost forever in the dark
eternity is comedy satire with great books about unlit political times'
Sensible comedy about dim illuminated ideals and ideology in these times.

Family of wife, and two kids lively in Chicago in these times
Indeed an author of a couple of best selling books of all times
Need a comedy or satire or two ask at times?
Now to these dark Chicago times

Garner is a comedian, author, political satirist too
All ideals written as a poet too
Reality is but a moment in time caught in Political correctness too
Now for wild ideas too
Eternity is finding out maybe not everything matters too
Reality is fun to live with a poet in mind too

Phil Proctor a cartoonist
hoping that people see the light of day
indeed a drawer of dreams
living life in the funny pages

Proctor a last name of a cartoonist
reality is a dream
open the window to a ctc time loopers dream
cartoonist are fun
time is not linear but circular
open your mind
reality is a sad time

Pino Giuseppe Caruso, best known as Pino Caruso,
is an Italian actor, author and TV-personality.
needs to be honest.
If it turns out, I'm honest; nobody will trust me anymore
Giuseppe an authors last name
I wonder about outspokenness all the same
unique is a last name
sounding honest is a game
eternity is in question all the same
people question honesty are insane
people, for the most part, are insane
eternities needs more honesty all the same.

Rand Paul senator, doctor, campaigners for his father
activist as Tea Party candidate
Needs to step up for the presidency candidacy
develop legislation that works for the people candidacy

Paul a family's last name
action speaks louder than words said Twain
uniquely able to change this election-year game
live love within laughter of the people candidacy.
Legislation that would work

Rex Walters a head basketball coach,
eternity the hope of a coach
X-ray vision for when, who, what, where, and how a player will work with a coach,

Walters is a last name of a head coach for University of San Francisco
Acting logistic to statistics to players off the court
living within the love of laughter of the pounding balls on the court
time is but the last shot in a game on a basketball court
eternity is hoping that the right player shots the shot on the court
reality is that moment decision to say who is on that court.
Sometimes life is fickle often life is rich on the basketball court.

Robert Bateman O.C., O.B.C., R.C.A., D.F.A., D. Litt., D. Sc., LL.D., B.A.,
Open to nature
believing in Canada's nature
eternity is seen through his art of nature
reality is but a moment in time with nature
time is but a moment to an artist in the natural world

Bateman an artist naturalist with film, author, honors; Work of natural art
artist feeling for standard art
time is but a moment to create something truthful in art
eternity is shown to an artist in that moment of creation of art
memories are times driven to an artist
artist desire to share to show to prove art
nature is Robert Bateman's art

Roland Martin is a professional sport fisherman.
of Fishing with Roland Martin
landing as host on the NBCSN television channel.
American Fishing in 291 tournaments,
North American fisherman
dream to fish

Martin's BASSMASTER career
Achievements - 19 tournaments won,9 B.A.S.S. Wikipedia
reality television programming with fish
time to fish,
in reality, think fish
north American fisherman.

Sabaton the protection of Sweden
All about the history of war
believing heavy-metal lyrics can call for war
attitude with a slice of history war
time is but a moment, in reality, of war
on ward lyrics and songs about war
Never peace but war.

Sandra Gal - beautiful smile, legs a professional golfer
all that swing with a lovely laugh for a golfer
neat to see a lady golfer
Dear lady smiles more for a golfer
reality is but a moment in life to love laughter within golf
all that swing for a lady golfer

Gal a wonderful lady's last name
all that swing for a golf game
live within love of laughter of the game

Golf is that game
over the greens and through the sand golf name's
Love life within laughter of the sport of the game
for the life of me play to do not watch a golf game.

Savannah Outen a wonderful singer
A pop singer
very beautiful eyes of a singer
A songwriter singing song National anthem
National anthems a song knowing her song
Natural Disney top 20 songs
A singer of pop songs
Hope within a moment of reality of time of a singer

Outen an excellent last name
unique for a singer's name
time will remember a singer's name
eternity is but a moment in time for a singer at the top of her game
needs a song to remember Savannah's name.

Şevval Sam is a Turkish lady
Eternity singing as a singer
vivid actress.
very good dauger of Leman Sam
A lovely lady
Lady Sevval Sam

Sam an actress last name
memories of a lovely lady actress

Sinplus congratulations on MTV European award
indeed a music deserving sometimes
News meriting thinking time
plus an award for music
live love within laughter of singing within music
Unique how this world is this time
sin is just that time
Live love within laughter of singing within music
Unique how this world is this time
Sin is just that time

Silvia Gašparovičová first lady of Slovakia
Intensify the world around Slovakia
Live life within laughter of love of Slovakia
Vested life on center stage as first lady of Slovakia
Indeed a splendid smile for a first lady of Slovakia
Almighty protect those praying for peace in Slovakia

Gašparovičová a last name of Slovak fact a President of Slovakia from 2004 to 2014
A first lady last name that holds the President Gašparovičová admiration
Statesman and states lady working to help Slovakia in world admiration
People of Slovakia your first lady hold Grand Cross of the Order of the Dannenberg
A foreign state of Slovakia between great countries
Reality Mrs. Gašparovičová husband stance is amazing against certain past countries
Over the world Slovakia is considered number 93 by some poll or other in countries
Victory for Slovakia distinct political powers is something sought by many countries
Indeed, freedom, libraries, museums make this seem like a marvelous country
Country of many small minorities and close to Czech relationship in countries
Open to business to many a distinctive opportunity is this country
Victory I hope for Slovakia within the fighting between countries
Almighty pray for peace between Slovakia and other countries

Sondra Radvanovsky soprano with a lovely voice
on music with a wondrous voice
nearing a perfect voice
dear lady thank you for your voice
reality is but a moment in time with a pretty voice.
Always a twist in my hearing
of an appealing voice

Radvanovsky is a last of a beautiful singer.
Always performing at the top of her career as a singer
dear lady you have wonderful features as a singer
volume of music swinging within your voice as a singer.
Always quietly hitting the keys of a charming singer
new music and old fall gracefully to be heard as a singer
On top of the world as a vocal singer
very attractive as a singer
singing is but a moment into for this singer
kindness in her eyes of a singer.
You are a lovely singer.

Steve Alford is an American Basketball coach
time recall a former player help lead Indiana university to a national championship
eternity will remember him as head coach of UCLA.
Vivid Bruins men´s basketball team
even basketball coaches have game

Alford the last name
living for basketball
forever chasing a ball
open court free throws
reality is more than a game
do remember the ball game.

Steve Forbes a knowledgeable man of finance
time is but a moment in money
eternity is caught within that moment, in reality, of money
Vanity for those that think living life is all about money
eternity is more than money

Forbes is a great magazine
Opens the mind to other articles within the magazine
Reality is but a moment in time reading with love of a magazine
Belief in what you are doing is journalism.
All writing articles on journalism
Sense of existing a life within love of laughter of money and magazines

Susan Lulli beautiful actress
uniquely a lovely lady
sensual eyes of an actress
American actress, author, a New York actress
New York Times best seller, Emmy award winner.

Lulli the last name of a beautiful woman
United States born lady
living life with All My Life
lovely lady.
Indeed a beautiful lady

Tania Gunadi is an actress and voice actress
American Indonesian best known for her films such as The Jetsons
nice voice in, Scooby Doo
in fact, in Snow Bride
Actress voice in Such Good People

Gunadi actress voice in Zambezia
unique voice in Possession
Actress voice in Bob Funk
Disney Channel original film Pixel Perfect
Indeed in Hallmark Hall of Fame The Magic of Ordinary Days

Tim Beckman is a former American football coach.
In this life, He served as the head football coach at the University of Toledo from 2009 to 2011
memories at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 2012 to 2014,

Beckman last name of a coach compiling a career college football coaching record of 33-41.
Eternity is interesting watching football play out through time
kind to this poet memory
memories of a football team
American hoping for peace
National coach of a football team.

Tim Scott United States Senator of South Carolina
Indeed, a servant of the people of South Carolina
memories of a person hoping to help the people of South Carolina

Scott last name of a Senator
candidate running always for laws
open smiling greeting
time for a change in law's
time for enforcement of laws

Tony or Anthony Charles Lynton Blair
Only a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007
next he also was the leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007
you remember him for His New Vision for Great Britain

Blair, at 43 years of age, became the youngest Prime Minister since 1812
lives a life within popularity of the public
Ireland Peace Process
Reality a PM in the fashion of a hero.

Ursula Bruhin is a Swiss snowboarder,
reality from Schwyz, Switzerland
Snowboarder in Slalom
Unique lady
living life for snow
A lovely lady snowboarder

Bruhin World Champion in Parallel Giant Slalom in 2001 and 2003
really a great snowboarder
uncommonly great at the slalom
honorable lady
indeed a lovely lady
neat snowboarder

Victoria Valentine Miss. Montana from Glendive Montana
indeed, a Ms. Beauty queen from Montana
cute for a lady from Glendive Montana
time is but a moment for a beauty queen from Montana
open smile with lovely eyes a lady from Montana's
reality is yet a moment in time for a lady from Montana
in snow, summer heat invariably a lady from Montana
always cute is a lady from Montana.

Wolfgang Schäuble a taxman turned politician
On law he graduated then served as a taxman before elected to parliament
Living life within laughter of love of politics survived an assassination attempt
forever since 1990 he has been in a wheelchair part of Democratic Christian Party
Given life's up's and downs he has time to sign an autograph for me being kind
All I can say is thank you from me for being kind
Need to remind the four hundred politicians that I have asked here in the US to be kind
Giving a free autograph taken of a politician to a poet without hope is being kind

Schäuble a member of the cabinet
Critical of human rights abuse in Russia, Iraq, even as a member of the cabinet
How this world is strange to find people to admire from a far not near my own cabinet
A man in a wheelchair since 1990 inspirational to a point that life does not stop because of movement
Uniquely kind, views on peace seem just right hopeful he keeps peace in his movement
Belief in Christ would be nice beware of insincere Muslim movement
Live life within love of laugher of making righteous laws make right
Eternity is woe unto those that call right evil and evil right

Yasmine Vine actress singer beautiful smile
actress with attractive simper
smiling happy for success told her, she was too thin
memories of music with a musician.
Indeed, live being within laughter of music within
Nice eyes within a soul and smile within
Eternity is but a moment in time for a musician

Vine is a pretty Iranian lady.
Indeed, cute smile and lovely thoughts of a lady
new voice within her singing range of a classical lady
eternity with a voice of a lady