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People think they know the beginning. I was there. I will tell you a story which is wild beyond belief. 
I was born some 6.5 billion years ago in a much bigger galaxy. There I grew up and grew old. 
There the bible was almost the same as here. Nevertheless, the lion did lie down with the lamb. 
What is funny is watching speculation of what people call the Mandela effect. Time travel into the past is something known in my reality. However, you want a beginning story not an ending story. So let us begin. 
In the beginning, the creators created the heavens and earths. That is right plural. Once more, they created a pattern throughout the galaxies to be seen from each earth. Stars, planets, orbits all of them in a moment of time. You laugh. You say the process took days. For me, since May 18, 2016, a twinkle in my eye has been two billion years. So God doing a moment and building a patterned universe happened many, many, many times. 
How many? One galaxy equates to 10,000 earth similar to a continental in one large mass earth globe. How many galaxies are there? That my friend is where this story comes to be even more interesting than you would know.  
First, the Mandela effect in truth is Gods doing for time of tribulation. I at first felt that the humans in the Montauk project did this evil throughout the galaxy. I was incorrect. Why? Well, if you read Job, you would know the answer. The answer is God is bored and enjoys betting beyond those of normal people. Meaning your life story, your life actions, your whole reality is one gambling reality for the creator. 
Second, as the pot says to the potter. Why did you make me thus? Considering that he can. I felt that life was unfair and that Montauk project did this evil to me. In truth, I do believe they did intentionally hurt me 
beyond what I would call reason. However, after living the past lives of mean, mean people I can say that I have faith in God more now than before I was taken on May 18, 2016 plus two billion years from this reality. 
Third where in the bible does anything about time travel occur? There are glimpses as follows. The initial is Christ's statement the first will be last and last will be first. In a closed time curved reality which we are in, that much I can assure there are loops within time. That is why if you are Mandela effected you remember a different bible, a distinct history, and unusual people. Those affected with the Mandela effect souls are going back to the time of day of judgment. Then why has this day of judgment taken so long? God got bored and went to sleep. During the night, the enemy came and sowed tares with the seeds. Meaning evil people are woven within the fields with the good people. That was the past. I can honestly say I have seen much of the evil people disappear in the past two years. How did the enemy sow the seeds? The enemy went and stole souls that they had seen entering the kingdom of heaven and placed them in situations that would change their souls or damage them. Why? The Psalms 2, The kings of the earth said that they would break God´s bonds. For a time they did. That I am living on a reanimated earth is proof that this world already has died at least once, and the body I am in did almost the same experience in life as I did I can attest to an animated through the Mandela effect can attest to. 
Fourth, the time of tribulation did not happen in this reality in the past. What do I mean? God said to let them have their way. This earth suffered, and people thought for thousands of years that they killed God and were godless. Once all your souls had been judged, he started bringing back those people that had or have been misused by the kings in Psalm 2. The significance is that the majority of this earth population has or have been dead a long time ago according to my teacher who argued with me on how old the earth was 6.5 billion years versus this realities 4.5 billion years. 
Fifth, the closed time curved loop seems to trap people souls where they cannot change the past. Even after writing people that in my life, time would have talked and did something for me. Here they do nothing and call me crazy. So I prove that they live under a dead sun. Still nothing changes in their attitude. For proof go to Google's maps. Look up Fallon Montana and see that what you call a sun is nothing more than a mirror and that the sun which has been dead a long time is hidden by the mirror. The sun is the red globe behind the sun.  
I have to say what gets me even more is that Solomon tells you this. That everything under the sun has been done. While Christ at the end of times during the time of tribulation, great understanding will be given mankind. So, welcome to the creation story of the ending of time or the day of judgment. 
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