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George Bush Jr 2000 157 million employed with 283 million 55 percent employment rate, removed 2 plus million illegals. Did not blame Clintons for letting in the Sunni Saudis that destroyed Twin Towers. Trump 2019 157 million employed with 329 million 47 percent employment rate, removed less than 300,000 illegals, is now defending Sunnis which created ISIS, 911, and Taliban. numbers count them.. we would be better off with Jed Bush maybe. Think spent 6 trillion dollars to fight Sunnis.. and now defending Sunnis against Shitte meaning we are fighting a religionous war for the people that blew up the Twin Towers.. that just does not make sense. When you realize 38 percent of the us population is voting for queer, communist, baby killers that alow demons to read in libraries about transvestites getting bjs by 5 year olds .. you have to wonder about hte time of tribulation and how soon until the end of the worlds. Pray for Trump. His mind is being hurt by something or someone. How can a person that brightens lives be stopped by his own FBI, DOJ, and CIA? Reassign, define, fine, punish, fire was something I expected in yet I see 300 plus Epstein names and Seth Wood is out and about along with Charlie Sheen soooo evidently videos, bodies, rape, kidnapping, blackmail is something allowed? How terrible for Trump to have Mexico laughing at him 82000 illegals over the border in July 2019 double that of July 2018 and who pays for their trip back to Mexico? Evidently we do and Trump I thought would do something. CIA push for war with Iran. Wild and evil we spent 6 trillion dollars killing random 500000 Sunni people or 12 million per person because our intelligence agency evidently is not very bright. DOJ wild 40 to now I heard 80 million dollars spent on Russian collision when you count congress investigation and others. Shame is great that nothing is being done. Wild I thought change meant history changing while all I see is now I have to watch out for my daughter going to her bathroom because no one has stood up and pointed out that there is a mens bathroom and womens bathroom and now with democrats declaring there are 78 other genders they need to build them a bathroom because they are now a gender which makes them evolved which makes them not a woman. Shame is great that no one is standing up for women. still gets me 6 with 12 zeros 6 000 000 000 000 or 12 000 000 to kill 1 person I could do it better with McDonald hamburgers Costs, Nov 8 2018 CoW.pdf have you asked Trump to stop funding the un? Dear President,
Requesting you remove at least 3 million illegals by November 6 2020. If you do not why should anyone believe you are better than Obama? Requesting you remove all funding for the UN, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. You promised not to be the war president spending 6 trillion dollars to kill a random person in middle east is wrong. 12 million per 1 person why are we wasting tax money when you can hire a craigslist killer cheaper and get better results? Requesting that all money for Mexico be stopped and you add taxes to their products to equate to the 656 million going to be spent for July 2019 82000 illegals. At 8000 dollars per illegal why am I a non Mexican consumer subsidizing people in California illegal drug, sex slaves, and ford cars? Make the people that purchase these items pay the taxes for them. Dear Trump you promised jobs. So far I see more Chinese products in wal mart and other stores then anything newly made from the US. Please just stop purchasing anything Chinese. STOP being afraid. Do what needs to be done.

Well, down the verbal rabbit hole... Where to begin. Let us begin at the onset A southern gentleman a peanut farmer to be honest decides not to back a treaty with Afghanistan. Carter lets Russia take over a country. What is good - well the dancing boys of Afghanistan kept their butt checks together for a few years? Women in Afghanistan were allowed to vote, own property, attend schools, and make a living. Nevertheless, the Central intelligence agency had to go fuck that up by restoring a group of women haters, pedophile's Muslims to power. Good job Jim Carter what a blow hole operation your past has created for those of US. America is for Americans - if you are anything else's Democrat or Republican you are not loyal to the goal of equality. It thus began a downturn in loyalty to America. Compromising how homes were to be sold - laws brought about due to the great depression were lifted by the Clinton. Laws on commercial enterprises for operating on the Internet were lifted again by the Clinton. People were allowed into the US to bomb the Twin Towers, but they entered under the Clinton. A trice attack Internet bubble bursting, blowing up the twin towers, and real estate market bursting all done by those that break the law and profited from the destruction of capital. Figure Clinton worth millions, Clinton's foundation which toke bribes to permit uranium mines to be bought by Russia, Clinton's foundation letting Boeing and other foreign companies to have access to the Head of State while she lost six billion dollars? What is wrong with this rabbit hole? Could it be that we are living where we are because those in power are to scared to speak out against the injustice of this world? Think Saturday night live does not do Obama's jokes because they are afraid to hurt his wife's feelings or cause the truth to be talked about? Weird how this world has become wrong and no one is talking... Rabbit hole up ahead. it is biblical we watch as the end of time unfolds. The reality is if we repented did good were good stopped being evil this too could pass.. in yet drag queens in libraries, murdering a baby after it is born, spending 3 times amount of money for war compared to social benefits which the war machine robs from social security, Epstein rape murder kidnapping unpunished, fraud military can not account for 2 or 10 trillion dollars spent, wars in Libya destroyed a society now they have slavery, wars in Syria murdering people for oil, wars in Iraq murdering people to stop Saddam, rumors of wars between Israel and Iran, rumors of wars between China and Taiwan, rumors of wars between North Korea etc, plague in africa is it 15000 dead or 105,000 now?, earth quakes in a various places, fires burning three fourths of trees, ocean forgetting its borders Pacific to Atlantic... be good stop evil.. the cry is cried over and over again and no one cares. humor.. the end of the worlds of things being watched.. being wildly confused.. since when has a psychological illness uncured could be legalized and instead of women saying hey build them their own bathroom gender to gender they get to use the weaker genders bathrooms.. sickness is here.. do good stop evil.. no one cares.. why should I speak more?

82000 or 82 thousand or specifically double double 2018. Wild.. IF anyone believes Trump on illegal immigration that number should have been zero..After all Mexico promised and the numbers show they failed to delivery Seems that Mexico is thumbing their nose and the US and who cares.. I mean how many false flags can happen to focus on something that is not an issue. I mean just look at the economy I look at that statement has no basis in reality. unemployment figures lie. In 2000 there was 157 million employed people with 282 million population roughly 55 percent of the US employed Today 2019 there is 329 million with 157 million employed people meaning 47 percent of the US is employed. The website says there is 11 million unofficially unemployed however if you do the math 55 percent of US employed would mean 177 million workers in the US. Meaning there is 20 million people without jobs that at one point or another would like one. Evidently Obama common core has won.You cannot do basic math here. 55 percent versus 47 means 8 percent less employed even when 157 equates to 157. FOR those that cannot count take off your shoes. Count 55 percent would mean all your fingers and part of one toe. OR all your toes and part of one finger. 47 percent mean not all of your toes, and no fingers. or 9 fingers and 70 percent of a thumb with NO toes.. That SNOWFLAKES can not count worries me. JUST LIKE war on terrorism.. 6 trillion.. oh that is nothing..12 million to kill 1 random Sunni.. I do not know what happened anyone going to Brown University with A o C might not be someone you trust with your money. OR if you want give me your money and I will return 50 percent of the next day wola you have a profit. you can not have it back.. youdid the math so far and it has disappeared like 8 percent of the workforce looking for a job.

82000 2019 July numbers 40,000 July 2018.. YEAH.. MEXICO doubles the illegal aliens from 2018 to 2019.. AND the tariffs goes away. We are going to do something.. Mexico liars again
Think 197 million employed would be full employment
The US work force has 60 percent of its population available to work. Your whole argument is that statistics is wrong. The unofficial 11, 600,000 unemployed with your own statics means the rate of unemployment is much higher. Doom and gloom.. no.. just realistic. Why is the fake news greatest economy in 70 years when the numbers disprove that statement. Numbers is truth. FAKE news and statistic can be used to lie which ever way you want to. My numbers just pointing out the truth and asking jobs come home from China seems realistic to me. Gloom.. have you seen the drug numbers Trump seems to not care that more people are suicidal under him than prior years. More than double 70,000 people. THINK for crying out loud suicide is not a repeat business and yet that number is higher each year and SAYIng I am doing something against MExico and the actually DEATH rate not going down is GLOOMY stating one thing and seeing another means someone is lying to you.

So math wise 60 percent times 329 million times an estimated 197 million people could be working if they had a job that paid them enough in their location to work. Wild.. evil is evil sadness is sadness.

SHOULD you not at least want to be as good as Japan.. IF Japan can have 67,000,000 million people employed out of 126,000,000 million fifty percent of the US employed is not to much to ask.

So.. IS going to do something about the suicidal rate of drug users.. seems like a gloomy outcome.. year over year increases.
So.. IS going to do something about work.. 60 percent of Americans potentially available to work. 47 percent employed I do KNOW HOW TO COUNT that is 13 percent unemployment
So ... IS going to do something about illegal aliens.. 2018 he let in 40,000 and in 2019 threats and builds a wall and then lets in 80000.
So.. IS going to remove people that are illegals .. catches 600 illegals one day.. according to the news releases 300 the next day..
So.. when a person starts arguing that things are going great.. I wonder what reality and truth is .. mine I live in my reality and my life is not better.

Mexico is still laughing at Trump or Trump's policies. JUNE 104,000 illegals. SHOULD BE ZERO BECAUSE THAT WAS THE TARIFF AGREEMENT NO>>> MEANING stop illegals.. I doubt rich people care.. 82000 people caught.. HOW many not caught. SHAME is great.. A lie is a lie. How much funding was spent purchasing ladders to scale a fence, Mexico laughs by sending troops to their southern border to stop illegal crossing their border claiming hey. We did something, which makes no sense in the tariff agreement meaning I don't care if people come into Mexico, I care if they cross into the US. Sure they have said sent troops north just recently but let us look at the July numbers if more than 2017 amounts of illegal are caught, then they are laughing at the agreement and doing nothing. Is the drug at the same time coming across the border let us see year to year George Bush Jr seems to have better job 16k death to 70k deaths 2017 but what about 2019? They say they dropped how sad when they lie. If drugs murder 70k and then only murder 60k, the next year that does not mean drug usage dropped it just means there are less people to murder because death is not a repeat business. Shame is great... Mexico is laughing... Let us watch and see July stats. let us see. If Mexico has stopped illegal down to 2017 levels, the number is still to high. IF it is above. Sadness Trump again failed to do anything.

China is laughing. Paying North Korea to cause problems. China laughs as selling enough drugs to kill 72000 in 2017. China is laughing by paying for 40 million people to register to vote. While the US pays China millions or billion a year. funny evidently PEace Corps, etc is not counted as foreign aid sadness to let China continue to trade with the US instead of moving those jobs back to the US.

Shame is great in the US of A. There is a need for 21 million more employed US citizens in the US. THINK 283 million people 157 million were employed in the year 2000 meaning 55 percent were employed. THINK 323 million people 156 million are employed in 2019 meaning 47 percent are employed. TO reach 55 percent 177 million Americans need to be employed. WHERE are the jobs one asks...... EASY 3 million VISA H employees jobs that are available and being given to other people of high skill. WE spend 100 billion on retraining US citizens which is a lie that money is used elsewhere but if not a lie why can we not put a US citizen in one of those positions. 18 million more people need jobs... There are 12 to 20 million illegals here taking both jobs, and housing. IF they all went home let say their positions are opened for someone say one of the 2 million homeless or 2 million in prison. That is 18 minus 6 12 million jobs needed. There is a 2.5 trillion dollar boom in blue collar or color work force which equates to 10 to 30 million positions depending on which source you believe bringing the need down to 12 minus 10 equates to 8 million jobs needed. 2 million jobs needed there is currently more than 8 million positions available per the department of US labor opened so there is your 8 million. THE ISSUES this resolves are 1. PEOPLE can not afford housing where the jobs are at. IF you get rid of 12 to 20 million illegals their housing is available and the HUD and state rental assistance funding could go to the 2 million homeless instead of illegals. 2. Instead of saying best economy realize people have given up hope and need to be given a chance to retry one more time. 3. What an economy this would be think full employment with someone that does not spend on projects that have no meaning to the US.
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  • September 10, 2019
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