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Here is a “clincher” of a legal maxim, clearly separating men and women from legal persons:
homo vocabulum est naturae; persona juris civilis (“Man”) [homo] is a term of nature; “person” [persona], a term of civil law

However, in order to become ensnared in the Legal System (the world of fiction), those in control of the Legal System must get our agreement that we agree to be treated the same as the legal NAME, by using our called name as a trick by association with the apparently-identical
legal NAME. With such an agreement, any offences against the legal NAME can be
attributed to the human being with a similar-looking called name.

Since Legal Title to the legal NAME is held by the government, the legal NAME is always performing a function of government, therefore it (the legal NAME) can be held liable for any consequences relating to its use in business and commerce. As human beings, we can only be liable by our consent and agreement, either explicitly (in writing), or implicitly (by our actions), or by trick (essentially a fraudulent inducement to contract).

In order to rebut the governmentʼs presumptions that the flesh and blood man or woman is the same as their NAME, we may use a process such as Conditional Acceptance to ask them for their proof of their presumptions. Such a Conditional Acceptance can only be issued as a counter-offer to something which they start against us. There is little to be gained by launching a Claim of Right, or similar “foisted” document to them because
they will just use the Meads v. Meads decision to block such a document. However, they cannot use Meads to block a counter-offer we make asking for their proof, because a counter-offer is not a “foisted agreement” but instead is a “counter agreement”.

Alternatively, we can issue them with a Notice of Mistake, again in response to something they start, and in said Notice we admit that we made a mistake in believing that the legal NAME was ours to use, so we ask for their permission to continue using their legal NAME to purchase property in their NAME, and we ask them to reimburse us
for the property we purchase in their NAME.

However, no matter what we do in an attempt to assert our rights and freedoms, we will invariably encounter a “bureaucrat” at the other end, which is where we encounter roadblocks. It is worth quoting the dictionary definition for a bureaucrat as “an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgement”. Unfortunately,
dealing with bureaucrats is frustrating because they lack the necessary intelligent judgement to deal with the facts. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that those people who work in government jobs invariable do so because they are not capable of working in a real job which requires elevated levels of skills One might think that justice can be obtained through the court systems, however, such justice is very difficult to achieve since the judges in the court system are paid from the same source which pays the bureaucrats and other State agencies. Basically, the courts are biased and corrupt in order to maintain the status quo and “slavery” over their subjects, in an attempt to protect the State from becoming liable for anything.
  • August 11, 2019
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