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Millions of year's ahead on a planet called Cetus we find a young man digging in a quarry, the heat beating down on him as he digs out minerals and old broken artifacts of unknown origins,

(Drealin you spend all of your free time out here digging and all you find is relics and old minerals, you need to find better things to do with your time)

Yes brother but I know there is something here beckoning for me to find it.

(As you wish brother but please find something else to do as well.)

Drealin continues with his search not hearing his brother depart.

As the two sun's are setting on the horizon Drealin is tired and parched about to give up for the night and watch the three moons rise when his shovel suddenly hits upon something very solid and very large.

Drealin renewed with excitement begins to dig at the object with vigor and purpose, by the middle of the night Drealin had uncovered what appeared as a partial ring like object,

By the rise of the two sun's Drealin had finished excavation on this strange looking device, it was no ring at all but a half ring half square structure.

Drealin wasted no time trying to figure out this very strange object never seen before.

Taking out his portable field scanner to scan for internal components he found a damaged area that looked as if it had been hit with a discharge. Drealin felt around the small area when a slide port opened on the back side.

He looked at the inside to find a loose Chrystal that looked as if it plugged into a socket connection, without thinking about safety he plugged in the loose Chrystal,

The structure began to shake and grind startling Drealin backwards into his back,

Quickly he is on his feet runs around to the front of this structure to see it begin to glow with strange symbols lighting up a bright green color.

Drealin could not believe his eyes when the structure made a loud swishing sound and the inset of the structure appears a glowing doorway shaped shimmering light,

Drealin asked himself should he run to fetch his brother to show him what he had found or stay to inspect closer.

Drealin drew a few steps towards the strange structure uneasy and cautious,

His hand outstretched forwards in curiosity,

When Drealin was close enough his hand was inches from this strange doorway when he heard a sound nearby that distracted him long enough to trip over his field kit sending him reeling backwards off balance falling directly into this doorway structure,

Instantly he feels his entire being deconstructed into atomic particles and washed into oblivion,

Last sound he had heard was kealin his brother shouting his name, then a long shimmering tunnel falling at a mind breaking swiftness flashes of light washing over the Particles that was his body moments earlier, then a brighter flash of light and a swooshing sound he awakens to find himself laying on his back on a solid floor made of some kind of metal,

Drealin dizzy and shaken from his ordeal pulls himself up on his knee's to look around, but something feels strange his body feels different,

He looks down at his arms only to see they are now armored not covered but his arms are armored like plates fitted together to resemble arms all fingers are there and elbows are there, in fact his entire body was like a walking armor suit a living machine, Normally this would send the average person into a panic but looking around this room was impressive like nothing he'd ever seen before, climbing to his feet adjusting to the feel of his new mechanical body he walks over to what looks like a window to the outside,

Looking closely his sight beheld an endless backdrop of stars and a few large planets in the backdrop,

Suddenly a voice breaks the low humming of the room,

From a doorway floats a man with black hair and white glowing eyes. Floating a few microts above the floor.

Welcome to my station traveler.
I've been expecting the next chosen Guardian of this place and now I find you appearing from the portal,

My name is Ancient that is all you need to know for now, and whom might you be traveler?

D..Drealin sir. My n..Name is Drealin of Cetus.

Well Drealin of Cetus it appears the portal has chosen to bring you here to this place in time to be the next caretaker of this station.

And exactly where is here?

Well Mr.Drealin we are currently inside a very massive very well constructed multi level station in deep space orbiting around a giant class 5 planet.

But how did I get here? And what am I here to do?

Drealin this is your new home take good care of it as long as you can.

In a flash of blue lighted mist Ancient vanished from sight leaving Drealin with more questions then answers.

Drealin walks over to a room to the far back wall to find a panel with an imprint of a hand lightly glowing a low green color places his mechanical hand into the impression an a door hisses open to reveal a well lit room with a console of lights and switches, upon entry he is scanned by an orange beam and greeted by a voice that sounded female but not real,

(Welcome Drealin Of Cetus)

Drealin looks around the room at his new surroundings astonished at the level of technology at his command,

He turns around to find another doorway on the back wall he presses his hand into another impression causing the doorway to hiss open,

beyond the door he finds one of many tube like walkways leading towards another section,

Stepping through the doorway the passage lit up in a soft rings of lights as side panels slide downwards along the tunnel revealing glass walls in a rounded shape he could now see outside and see many other parts of this massive place, Drealin stops midway through the tunnel walkway to take in the sights outside,

Breathtaking and impressive construction indeed he says to himself in a low voice. This is going to be something to remember from this moment on.

End of Episode 1.

Episode 2 Upgrades.

Drealin walks to another section of the massive space station taking in every view point along the way reaching the other end of the glass encased tunnel pressing his new mechanical hand into the palm imprint panel making the door hiss open, inside was an even bigger room rounded inside with a meshing of a screened floor but very strong to walk on, Drealin heads up one of the four pathways leading up to the center of the large rounded room to find another console sitting nearest the center.
Drealin looks at the console face for a moment and reaches towards it placing his hand into the palm imprint on the side, a buzzing sound catches his attention as he looks down he sees two mechanical leads attaching into his hand his mind reels for a moment as a data stream floods into his brain faster than light,
Drealin felt as if he might collapse but his new legs held him steady in place. Raw unfiltered data souring into his mind at a blinding pace, As fast as it came into his brain he understood it all somehow,

Drealin steadies himself just as the two leads detach from his hand pulling back into the console and the center of the room began to glow as a hologram of the giant planet nearby took form in front of him displaying every surface area and every lifeform moving around on the planet.

Drealin was amazed at this new tech and seen potential for it during his stay here,

(I was wandering when you would get around to this room.)

Drealin turned to find Ancient floating a few feet behind him, what is this part?

This is the observation room Drealin. You'll find it very handy I'm sure.

And, interrupted Drealin, you have teleportation room above this section.

Yes but I lack the knowledge to finish it, that's where you can assist me. By now the stations database is copied in your mind so you will be able to not only complete it but much more.

Yes I believe I know what needs to be done to get everything here working I can see it in my mind and It all makes sense to me somehow. Ancient gives a slight nod vanishing in a blue mist.

Within a few hours Drealin had made his way to the teleport room and was well underway of not only fixing the device but rebuilt it with the upgraded data in his mind his hands became whatever tools he needed to effect the work.

Drealin finished up with his repairs and decided to give it a try, routing the transport console to the locator functions in the observation section he was able to pinpoint any lifeform and location on the surfaces of all the planets around him, but as to the problem of his mechanical body it might frighten whomever he may encounter, And so Drealin devised a mobile holographic device that would change his appearance to any lifeform recorded in the data base of the station.
Drealin searched through thousands and loaded a few into the device clipping it onto his side and pressing a small button that transformed his appearance into any humanoid being via a hologram covering. Drealin steps into the transport platform and a flash of light envelopes his body and seconds later appears on a balcony leading into a giant stone fortress where Ancient was standing a few feet away,

Ancient turns his gaze in his direction his glowing white eyes staring emotionless as he paced back and forth.

Well I see you have made the repairs and found a way to change your outward appearance, I must admit I am impressed with how well you have adapted to this new life.

Yes it seems easier than I had expected. Replied Drealin with a nod.
Taking notice of a few piles of metals nearby Drealin asks if he may make use of the materials,

Ancient pacing quietly and contemplating what possible use Drealin would have for that junk but gives him a nod and saying you are welcome to it if you can find use for it.

A few hours later Drealin had the parts transported up to the space station and was recycling the materials into new parts for his first invention he'd found in the data base, he'd turn all the parts into a sleek sky car for getting around down on the planet in a leisurely pace and felt more like the one he had back home on Cetus.

Almost finished with the build he was startled by the blue mist that preceded the approach of Ancient,

What is this Drealin?

Drealin putting the tools down closing the hood with a tap of his hand walks past Ancient climbing over the side into the newly made pilot seat presses a switch bringing the new sleek vehicle to life.

The vehicle rises up off the floor a few microts and steadies itself.

This is called a sky car back on my planet we used them to travel long distances. I found the specs in the data base that closely matched the types we used on Cetus.

Ancient walked slowly around the humming contraption taking in it's speak build and it's interesting design.

Drealin i think this will be a very interesting adventure getting to know you.

With not another word Ancient again vanishes into a blue mist and Drealin retires to his new adventures planing where he will travel down on the surface and what kind of people he will meet along the way.

End of episode 2.

Episode 3. The surface.

Drealin now ready to go about his journey decides to take his Skycar for a ride, tossing a few essentials into a bag from his room on the space station heads to the elevation disk, Drealin walks along the long corridor to the shaft that will take him to his Skycar, the door whisked open with a slight hiss sound Drealin unsure of how to stand on this large disk floor object he steps into the platform unsteady but manages as the elevation disk compensated for his weight the door hisses shut behind him and he felt like it shifted suddenly as he felt himself slightly lighter but moving, a moment later he was in the corridor leading to the departure room where he had the Skycar readied, stopping to look at the portal device that had brought him here so far away from home Drealin proceeds to climb into the pilot seat, starting the silent engine. (open departure doors) Drealin spoke plainly to the station computer. (Departure Doors Engaged)
Under the Skycar two large doors slid away from each other exposing the space around the station. Drealin was safe since his new body was mechanical and can not be effected by the effects of space lowers the skycar downwards clearing the floor level and tipping the front of the skycar towards the planet as the spacestations departure doors close behind him. The car dives at an angle towards the surface at an impressive speed easily slipping through the atmosphere and soon cutting down along the cloud level Drealin feels a surge of euphoria with the sites of the white clouds passing by him he tilts the staring handles tipping the car at an incline taking him down below the clouds till the ground was clearly visible, Drealin looks over the side to find a respectable place to touch down, he spots a slight cleared area aiming the Skycar in the direction of the area he manages to come to a smooth landing along side a small path nearest the water as a few people watched not knowing what to make of this flying machine, One woman in the crowd musters up the courage to approach the stranger, Greetings stranger I am Helena welcome to our village. Drealin a bit Leary replies calmly my name is Drealin and I am new around here. Well Drealin you seek a place to stay? No I have a home i am just here to meet the locals and help where I can. Oh that is pleasing to hear mr. Drealin i could use help on repairs to my home. Drealin grabs his spare bag of tools from the compartment behind the pilot seat, follows Helena to the small home where the repairs looked very minor a window port and a door hinge and some flooring inside needed replaced. Drealin proceeds to repair the window port on the side of the home while Helena fetched some water and bread to nourish Drealin as he worked. By the end of the day Drealin had made the repairs and was placing his tools into his carrying bag when Helena came over to him and asked if he'd be around for a while. Drealin looked at Helena with a slightly turned head realised she couldn't see his mechanical form as he was using his holographic device, Drealin plainly replies, I seem to have no place else to go right now so I assume I will be around. As Helena nods and walks away Drealin packs away his tools and other items Drealin spots a small bit of land nearby and thinks to himself that would be an ideal place to build a room for the portal and begin an exploration quest with the portal maybe I can figure out just where that device can take me. I'll need help with getting materials to build and a way to move the portal down here into the room. Without delay Drealin climbs into the skycar presses the ignition button bringing the skycar to life, the skycar rises from the ground and up into the sky at a fast speed peicing the atmosphere and heading up into space arriving at the departure room as the doors slide open allowing Drealin to direct the Skylar upwards into the opening as the doors close underneath the Skylar Drealin climbs out and walks over into the control room to access the computers and study what will need to be done to allow him to move the portal to the new location on the surface. Within a few hours Drealin determines that he will need to construct a platform to move the device and tow it from the station to it's final location. Within a few days Drealin had constructed the platform to latch onto his Skycar that will allow him to move the device. Next he needs to gather materials to construct a decent sized room to house this portal device so it can be studied and understood. Drealin tired and in need of rest deactivated his hollow device and heads to his quarters.

End of Episode 3.

Episode 4. The portal.

After a few days Drealin had finished construction of the platform and was ready for the next phase, Drealin heads to the transportation room with two bags in hand, entered the transportation chamber and steps onto the platform, seconds later he is on the surface of the planet next to the plot of land he had scouted out, upon a long search of the surrounding area Drealin finds a few stacks of materials to start building the framework of the building by mid day he'd had the floor and walls nearly completed when a blue mist appeared behind him, Drealin turned to see Ancient floating in the air about 5 microts above the ground arms folded in front of his chest eyes glowing white, what are you creating Drealin? Ancients voice deep with a hint of a ghostly echo. Well I've decided that if I am to be here a while it might be a good idea to move the portal device into a better place for studying as you probably don't want unexpected guests showing up in the spacestation. Ancient silently stares at Drealin considering his logic seemed to make sense ancient raises his hands as large materials float up and smooth into large flat panels and bend and buckle together slapping into place around the form of the building forming into walls and ceiling small bits of metals turning into other parts forming a doorway and a control room floor covering wall bits inside until the entire bit was one structure. Ancient turns to Drealin and speaks, This idea is acceptable to me. Will you need help to move the portal device? No I think I can manage. Ancient gives a nod and vanishes in a glowing blue mist around him. Drealin return's to the station to load the portal device when the platform breaks down from the weight so Drealin comes up with another plan whereby fitting his skycar with four large clamps on some reclaimed metal twisted wire cables Drealin secures the clamps onto the portal device and underneath the skycar and lifting the skycar upwards toward the ceiling till the wires went taught and pulled the portal device underneath the Skylar, Drealin ordered the station computer to open the departure doors, (Departure Doors Engaged)
Drealin slowly lowered the device through the doorway into space below until the skycar was clear of the opening and watched as the doors slid closed. Drealin slowly made his way towards the planet below with the device securely holding in place. A few minutes later Drealin was above the new structure as Ancient was opening the ceiling with a wave of a hand so Drealin taking the que slowly moved the skycar into position to lower the portal down into the new room near the back wall, with the portal device in place Drealin detaches the cables lands down on the ground nearby, climbs out of his machine just to look up and see Ancient enclosing the ceiling and vanish in a plume of blue mist. Drealin walks towards the door as a man walks over to him introduces himself as Baylor. I would like to be if some assistance Mr.drealin if you will need any. Well Mr.Baylor I could use the extra hands in the building now and then. Very good Mr.Drealin I can start as soon as you like. Well how about today? I will help you in whatever means I can Mr. Drealin, Drealin motions to follow him into the building Baylor stunned by the look of the inside and then he looks at the room outside the control room to the portal device, what is that thing in there Baylor asks with the curiosity of a child. That is what brought me here, replies Drealin in a near monotone voice. Baylor not sure what he meant by that reply but let it slide for the moment to set Drealin bags down in the newly made control room. So Mr. Drealin what is this rooms purpose? Drealin looks at Baylor for a moment then responds it is to study that device in the next room and try to find out exactly how it works and where it can take me. Baylor shakes his head, are you saying that thing can allow people to travel from this room to another place across the planet? No Mr. Baylor I am saying it brought me here from another planet so it may allow me to connect to other devices out there like it. There are more of these things not on this planet? Replied Baylor in a shocked tone. Yes that's exactly what I'm saying Mr. Baylor, and maybe it may help me to get back home. Drealin enters the portal room to inspect the device and make sure the move hasn't damaged it in any way. After a few minutes of inspecting the device Drealin could find nothing wrong with it. And had found a means to link the control room to the device with an optic cord underneath the floor giving Drealin full interface with the device. Drealin returns to the control room to start the first test. Baylor steps back in case something goes wrong. Drealin pushes the controls a bit more till the portal lights up and connects to another location and the doorway appears in the center. Baylor shocked at the sight before him. As Drealin looks over at him. Mr. Baylor it looks as though we have many new places to explore. Baylor replies with a nod and stammers we are going to need more people to explore this device Mr. Drealin. Yes I think you may be correct about that.

End of Episode 4.
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Can't wait for episode 2.
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Episode's 1-4 now in one blog space.
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I do hope you all like the story. And if anyone has any problems with posting it on a blog please by all means feel free to remove it I will totally understand.
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