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Defacto - This phrase is used to characterize an officer, a government, a past action, or a state of affairs that must be accepted for all practical purposes, but it is illegal and illegitimate.
a lie, is a FACT. Who put this child in charge of the creator.
the TRUTH is the LAW
De jure (in Classical Latin de iure) is an expression that means "concerning LAW-TRUTH", "LAW"as contrasted with de facto, which means "concerning FACT", an EXAMPLE: a "FACT", can be a lie, that is not the truth, but its a "FACT", its a lie, but its a "FACT" neveraless.

That "FACT" is a given, even though it was a lie, it was born from that lie, created that truth {lie/truth}, it has now become the truth, a Defacto truth/lie, concerning FACT, concerning FACT is a big clue.
The terms de jure and de facto are used instead of "in law-TRUTH" and "in practice (but not necessarily ordained by law-TRUTH)", respectively, when one is describing political or legal situations.

It is, in fact, possible to have multiple simultaneous de jure legalities that are not de facto. Between 1805 and 1914, the ruling dynasty of Egypt ruled as de jure viceroys of the Ottoman Empire, but acted as de facto independent rulers who maintained a polite fiction of Ottoman suzerainty. However, from about 1882, the rulers had only de jure rule over Egypt.
De facto standard:

A de facto standard is a custom, convention, product, or system that has achieved a dominant position by public acceptance or market forces (such as early entrance to the market). De facto is a Latin phrase meaning "concerning the FACT" or "in practice".
The term "de facto standard" is used in contrast with obligatory standards (also known as "de jure standards"); or to express the dominant voluntary standard, when there is more than one standard available for the same use.
'De facto' racial discrimination and segregation in the USA during the 1950s and 1960s was simply discrimination that was not segregation by law (de jure).
The NAACP fought for the de jure law-TRUTH to be upheld and for de facto segregation practices to be abolished.
Some countries have a de facto national language in addition to an official language.

The official language of Ireland is Irish.

English is considered to be the de facto language.

In Lebanon and Morocco the official language is Arabic, but an additional de facto language is French.

In New Zealand, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language are de jure official languages, while English is a de facto official language.

Russian was the de facto official language of the central government and, to a large extent, republican governments of the former Soviet Union, but was not declared de jure state language until 1990. A short-lived law effected April 24, 1990, installed Russian as the sole de jure official language of the Union.
In social sciences, a voluntary standard that is also a de facto standard, is a typical solution to a coordination problem.
A de facto government is a government wherein all the attributes of sovereignty have, by usurpation, been transferred from those who had been legally invested with them to others, who, sustained by a power above the forms of law, claim to act and do really act in their stead.
A lie in a defacto government is a FACT, it becomes truth, because its the law of concerning FACT, bring me a FACT in the court. Its not LAW itself, its just a FACT.

I have this, you have that, this is mine, that is yours, its just a FACT, its not a LAW, its perceived as law, FACT is with contract and persuasion of force, but it isn't law, its unlawful and it's criminal. The creation from the mind is the FACT of the law, but the creation from the heart, is the guide to the LAW, true LAW.