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Recently, the largest study ever conducted on the impact of racial and ethnic diversity on societies and individuals was completed. The results indicate that virtually all measures of civic health are worse in racially and ethnically diverse societies, this includes:

- Mental health
- Physical health
- Community cohesion
- Social trust
- Quality of governance
- Charitable acts
- Environmental concern - Trust in the media
- Trust in the government - Democratic behaviors
- Workplace satisfaction

- Criminality
- Poverty
- Violence
- Social adversity - Corruption
- Desertion
- Cheating
- Psychotic experiences
- Instability
- Social Isolation
- Inter-racial/ethnic hostility

Prior to the Hart-Celler Act (1965), America was 90% white and immigrants were required to be white and from Northern European countries. The Civil Rights Act of 1968 made it illegal for whites to choose to live exclusively among our own people. These two changes that have dramatically altered the demographics, living conditions, and rates of violence in America were done without the consent of the white communities it has affected most. Both of these policies were enforced at gun point and with government force to silence the whites that openly protested against it.

85% of interracial crime is committed by blacks against whites. The disproportionate levels of violence and rape that are committed by Blacks and Latinos alone makes it immoral to force whites to live among them. Reference the FBI Table 43 if you want to see how disproportionately violent non-whites are in comparison to whites.

White men pay 85%+ of all taxes in the US after use of social programs are considered. Non-whites are a net tax negative to our system due to their disproportionate use of social programs. Blacks represent a lifetime tax burden to the state of $750k per person. Latinos are just over $500k. White men are required to pay for all of this making it harder for us to afford large families of our own. To make it worse, these groups vote overwhelming for restrictions on freedom of speech and for increased gun control.

Considering all of this, how does anyone come to the conclusion that it is immoral to want separation? How can any white person support the use of force to require whites to live among people they chose not to? How can any white person support white men being made into tax slaves to ensure the reproductive viability of people that are in direct conflict with their political interests? How can anyone, after reading all of this, ignore the negative effects of diversity and the moral imperative of whites to separate?

The study, Acts, and statistics referenced above can be found via the links below: !XiRUCKBQ!AKxAdYFQO99ah-OqZmECjrI1Ye89kLEs1RMbhaAsIBU (!XiRUCKBQ!AKxAdYFQO99ah-OqZmECjrI1Ye89kLEs1RMbhaAsIBU) ( ( ( (
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