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One of THE biggest problems are these orthodox Jewish owned rehabilitation centers and hospitals; Goshen Sapphire, Newburgh Sapphire, Newberg Hospital also known as Cornwall St Luke's. Then you have Beacon Wingate, Ulster Wingate . Along with every other Hospital in this country. Every one of these places is filthy disgusting. If I try to open a window for fresh air for my father they would come and shut it. This is just common sense. Many of the patients sit in their feces until noon. All these places are congested and overcrowded and they breed staph infections, c-diff, pneumonia, the flu and every other thing that's flying around in the air. That healthcare workers nurses, social workers spread the diseases in the public. They recirculate through dirty air circulation systems. That's how people are really getting sick. These people breed diseases. There was one Jewish lawyer in the courtroom, he kept touching his face picking his nose and wiping it on himself. It was disgusting. The courtroom had no window to open. The other problem is people work in enclosed offices especially in the cities where you can't open the windows at all, the air is circulated through dirty filter systems. You can wash your hands all you want which helps but you can't wash the air. That's how people are getting sick. Then you have an immigrant population who get vaccinated and then they shed that disease. I could go on and on forever how Americans get sick; lack of fresh air and sunshine.
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