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The corona scam. So say you are elderly, you get sick. They "test" you with some bogus test BS. What do they do? They send you off to some shithole hospital/rehab surrounded by other infected patients coughing wheezing and sneezing, air duct systems blowing C-Diff, staph, fecal matter blood particulate influenza snot in rooms where you arent allowed to open the windows for fresh air and sunlight in to actually kill the airborne germs, which ultimately kill the already compromised senior citizen.
This Corona scam it's just another cover for iatrogenocide. They are using it to kill off the elderly but they'll tell you it's covid 19. Every time I went to one of these hospitals or rehabs, no matter how many times I wash my hands I ended up catching "something". It's all a cover-up by death by jew doctor. The dumbest thing is to go to a hospital. They will just kill you like they killed my family. Don't fall for the scam. If you are sick stay home.
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